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Electricity Monster provides a free service for both families & business looking for a better deal on their electricity & gas. Australian electricity prices have been driven up dramatically in recent times, and finding sharp energy plans is hard. But not with us! We are always searching our energy suppliers for great deals on Electricity & Gas.

Sick of power companies that do things the old fashioned way?

Consider Energy Online. Energy Online offers competitive prices and plans with no lock-in contract, giving you the freedom to sign up or leave whenever you want. Sick of paying high prices for your electricity? Call Electricity Monster. Electricity Monster has partnered with a number of super-cheap power companies and we might be able to find you a better deal than you’re currently on. We offer a 100% Free Service to anyone looking to get a better deal on their power, so give us a call on 0800 995 070 today.

When you call Electricity Monster you’re calling the people you can trust. We have a whole team of dedicated energy professionals who can guide you through every step of an energy comparison process. The only thing you need to do is give us your name and address, but if you have an old power bill available that would be a big help. After that our process could take as little as fifteen minutes. Once we’ve done the comparison and if we can find a cheap power company for you, you can just kick back and wait for a welcome pack from your brand new cheaper power company. So if you’re sick of the strain of your expensive power bill, call the team at Electricity Monster today on 0800 995 070.

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Energy Online For Home

Energy Online has some very competitive offers available for residential power customers. You can go with either a standard or low user plan and they both come with some very generous bonus features. For starters there’s no lock-in contract, meaning you can sign up worry-free. Then you’ll have access to a massive 20% discount on your bill. Plus if you’re not happy with the service and decide to leave their service you won’t have to worry about exit fees. If you’re interested in learning more about providers like Energy Online and many others, all you need to do is use our fast, free and fair service. Give us a call on 0800 995 070 today to learn more. 

Energy Online For Business

Finding a great deal on power is harder than ever these days. In tough times it’s important to know that your power company has your interests in mind. That’s why you should consider Energy Online. Energy Online’s award-winning business service offers you a 20% prompt payment discount, and if your business operates on multiple sites, you can get it all collected up in the single bill. Energy Online also offers it’s business customers a wide range of payment options making things easier than ever. If your business is in need of a better deal on power make sure you make the call to Electricity Monster. We’ve got a lot of experience helping businesses find the right electricity plan for them, and we can do it all for free. So get in touch with us on 0800 995 070 today.


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